Wednesday, May 29, 2013

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About Me
Hi. My name is Paula Lu. I was born on April 12th in San Diego, California. At age 4, me, my parents, and my month old baby sister moved across the country to Bayou La Batre, Alabama. My parents, grandparents, and uncles were all born in Vietnam. During the Vietnam War, my family escaped and lived in refugee camps for several years before making it to the United States. Education is a big deal for my parents since they never got the chance to get a good education they want me and my sister too.

I realized in high school that I have a love for the arts. Creating, designing, building, anything that was hands-on, I loved. With drawing I was not very good but if I could make it with my hands, it was one of the best. Another love of mine is photography. My high school offered a black and white photography class which I ended up loving. I even tried running a photography business for a while but I quit not too long ago. I'll explain why below.

Some of my photography

In 2010, I graduated high school and began my first semester of college in Fall of 2010 majoring in Graphic Design. By Fall of 2011, I switched my major to photography which I believe was what I was meant to do. I loved photography. After an entire year of barely passing classes, I realized that I was extremely unhappy. I was tired of being "the camera guy" at events I was invited to and having to work so much harder to make money. What I started out loving, I began hating, and my love for photography has never been the same. After the spring semester was over, I thought long and hard. By mid summer of 2012, I changed my major again to Elementary Education. It has been a year and I am feeling much more confident about my future. I decided on Elementary Education because I love kids, I love watching them learn. Creating lesson plans, teaching, making test; it just all sounds fun to me. I also want to make a difference. I want to make an impact. For 21 years I don't feel like I have made an impact on anyone's life. I want my students to want to learn. I always had a hard time in school. I was lazy, never wanted to do my homework, and never wanted to learn. The subjects did not interest me and I was bored. And now that I look back. My favorite high school classes were art related. Sometimes I think that since the internet has become such a huge part of our lives, kids are losing their imagination and creativity. I want to bring that back and show kids that they can dream of anything.

This is one of my favorite movies. It shows love and determination.

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