Friday, July 12, 2013

PLN - Final Report

Personal Learning Network
Since my last report, I am still using Symbaloo and I still like it. I get to place each site where I want it to be and I know that all the sites I have added are not going to go anywhere. Although I have not been using and building my Personal Learning Network as much as I should, I have added a couple of things that I think would be very useful when I begin teaching.

One of those things is a site called "Internet 4 Classrooms." I4C is a site that is closely connected to core standards. They have sections for kindergarten to eighth grade. Each sections offers games that are related to certain standards in language and math. I came across this site when I was looking for educational games for my project based learning project. As a future elementary teacher, I found this site to be very helpful when I begin teaching.

Another site I added was a Youtube Playlist of this show called "Alphablocks." I found this to be very helpful for children learning their alphabet or beginning to read. Each show is approximately 3 minutes long. I have not watched all of them so I do not know what age the show gets to.

Another site I added was TED. I added TED because after the many TED Talks I have watched, I find them to be inspiring and actually very interesting to watch.

The last site that I added was from Diane Krause's blog, "The World’s Largest Repository of Free Online Learning Tutorials." I found this site after being assigned her blog for C4T. As an upcoming teacher in the technology world, I think this site would be very helpful when I begin my career.

Image of a screenshot by Paula Lu of her personal learning network.


  1. Do you have any people in your PLN? They are a critical part of any PLN.

    1. I am planning to add all of my C4T teachers, Krissy Venosdale, and any blogs that I come across that I find useful.