Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Project #13

Project Based Learning Plans

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  1. PEMDAS requires sign-up. How will this be handled? (I tried it out.)
    Will you have to provide more directions than are indicated in your plan? I think so.
    The first word I had to read were "The Roborators were created to keep our homes and cities clean and tidy" and But the evil professor pemors infected them with a virus and now they're running amok." Can 2nd graders understand these sentences? Word indicates that it is 12th grade level - a bit of a stretch for 2nd graders! Do you know what pemors are? Do you understand virus and amok? Do you think 2nd graders would?

    Whit no more instructions than What did you learn? do you think this is a project that can be done by 2nd graders? I don't. What is their podcast to be about. Where did that project come from? Why is "what they thought about the game" relevant to your objectives? What are your objectives"

    What is your key question?

    What grade level do the standards you have cite apply to?

    What forms did you use as guides for creating your learning plan?

    Lots of work need to make it work!