Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Project #15

Project Based Learning Plan 3


  1. Paula,

    Kids love to play games so they would certainly enjoy this lesson. However, maybe you could vary up the activities a little more so it is not mostly grammar games.

  2. Slide 2 What is the activity? is the object participation? If so grading on that objective alone is OK. If not, then it is not appropriate. I hope the objective is not just participation! Certainly the standards you claim to address are not focused just (or at all) on participation (Slide 3). Twenty five minutes a day playing games "on capitalization" and "on punctuation" better produce results in ability to capitalize and punctuate properly or you are wasting everybody's time and money! (Slide 4). And then 30 more minutes playing games? Oh my! And now 32 minutes on spelling games. We could call the class Learning By Playing Games. We evaluate you on your participation rate. No evidence learning required to get that A!

    I know you can do better than this!

    1. I am not sure how to measure a students knowledge without testing them. I do not want to test my students. I do not like test. During the class competition, students will only get participation points if they answer a question correctly.

      I realize that there are many issues in my plan. I did not see them before. I now see that It is quite an overload of games.

      If I changed the class competition activity into a blog post about a family member, a place they have visited, or their pet animal and it uses all of the grammar skills that they have learned from the videos and games, would it be a better way of measuring their knowledge?