Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Blog Assignment #9

Discovery Education


  1. It's a nice and simple powerpoint, but you might want to cut the sentences down so it's easy to present to a general audience. Also, add a picture to one of the slides and maybe a short video to make it more powerpoint friendly.

    1. After looking back at it, I agree. It probably could be easier to read. I could probably add some more visual aids to make it more interesting to look at also. Thanks.

  2. Slide 2, next to last bullet has, not had

    Slide 6, Provides a temptation to read this text which should be avoided.

    Some of your text is so small that an audience would have trouble reading it.

    You should also know about iCurio. Next semester students will have to cover both, not one. My mistake but I suggest you find out about iCurio as well.

    I should also have required an audio overlay. Next semester I'll do that!