Wednesday, June 19, 2013

PLN - Progress Report

My Personal Learning Network A Personal Learning Network is a network of sites educators use for professional development. For managing my Personal Learning Network, I used Symbaloo. When I first opened the Symbaloo page, I had already started loving the way it looked. I like the fact that it is customizable and that you can arrange your sites to your liking. It keeps things organized. You can also create webmixes, which are different networks of different sites. Lets say I have a PLN webmix with all the sites and information that are related to my personal learnng network and I have a My Favorites webmix, which includes all of my favorite shopping, social, and new sites. Webmixes allow separation of sites so that you do not get your work involved with your life. I also like the fact that I can access my PLN anywhere when using Symbaloo, on a computer and on my smartphone. I know where all of my information is at when I need it. It gives me access to all the sites that I add to it anytime, anywhere as long as I have internet access. Not only is it useful to me, if a classmate of mine wanted to check out some of the sites I have saved, I can easily share my Webmix with them.
Image of Symbaloo Logo

Image of Webcam Photo of Paula Lu and Symbaloo App

Symbaloo also has another site called Symbaloo EDU. Symbaloo EDU allows teachers to share sites with his or her students. It allows the teacher to give students quick and easy access to sites that are helpful with the lesson and other things. When I start teaching I plan to use Symbaloo EDU with my students. It will allow me to share sites with useful information to my class. I also think it is a good site to use to teach organization.

So far, I enjoy using Symbaloo. The way it is set up and organized is a plus for me. I like to have my sites organized and separated by things they have in common. I keep my news sites together and my social sites together. Overall I think that it is a great site for teachers and students.

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