Saturday, June 29, 2013

Project #9 Podcast

Project Based Learning by Thom Markham Podcast


  1. Group GEA,

    I think that y'all did a nice job of covering the basics for PBL but your presentation lacks visual interest. I would have suggested using text on the screen to mark major points in the discussion and give people markers for when those ideas appear, particularly when y'all listed things or steps. It is also a little hard to hear Paula because she is so far away. It might have been a better idea to record this video in parts for each section so that you could best record the audio for each other. As it is, your project is not what we would consider to be outstanding, it is simply passable.

  2. Your podcast was well organized and covered the key questions quite well. The major problem I have with it was not part of the assignment but interferes with my enjoyment of it. You read. You do not talk with each other about the questions. That would have been much better. Next semester I think I will ban all reading. Just converse.

    Well done according to my directions this summer.